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The production of Lindhaus cleaning machines began in the mid 1980’s with only one purpose: to design and build the best multifunctional carpet cleaners for domestic and professional use worldwide. The machine design and styling are developed in the company using the best 3D software: ProE, CATIA.The moulds for the plastic parts are designed and largely built by Lindhaus in its mechanical department. Lindhaus has been selected by several prestigious organizations such as the United States government buildings, several large colleges and Ivy League Universities across the United States, the Slovenian and Austrian Government, the Dutch Royal Palace, the Italian Chamber of Deputies, several global church organizations, many large medical facilities and several other elite entities. The Lindhaus machines have been considered among the best for quality and price, filtration efficiency, performance, low noise levels, durability and low power consumption.

The Secret Ingredient

In 1992 Lindhaus opened a subsidiary in Minneapolis / Minnesota for distribution of their and domestic machines for the entire North American market. This new specialization of the company was founded to utilize the enormous technical property of the sister company, Rotafil, manufacturer of electric motors. Rotafil began its activity in 1960 as a repair shop for electric motors and after a few years the company specialized in the construction of professional electric motors and automatic winding machines for internal use. The company is still in this business. These special world class and unique motors use notched type commutators to ensure incomparable reliability. All Lindhaus machines are equipped with Rotafil motors which are designed together in which the machines where they are installed.

  • Lindhaus LS50 HYBRID Wide Area Vacuum/Carpet Cleaner

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    Lindhaus RX HEPA ECO FORCE 380E 15”

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    Lindhaus LW 38 Pro High Tech Floor Scrubber

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    Lindhaus LW 30 Pro High Tech Floor Scrubber

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    Lindhaus LW46 HYBRID Floor Scrubber

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