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Unbelievable! Leather Magic Leather & Vinyl Cleaner

$14.99 $10.95

Key Features

  • A formulation break through
  • Cleans, restores and preserves
  • The professionals choice
  • Use all around the house
  • Works quickly

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Product Description

Leather Magic is specially formulated with nature’s premium ingredients like mink oil, lanolin, and aloe vera to preserve and nourish fine leather. Helps protect against drying and cracking. A formulation break through that revolutionizes the cleaning, restoration and preservation of fine leather items such as: home and office furniture, auto interiors, apparel, boots and shoes, luggage, briefcases, handbags, belts and accessory items, and many other smooth pigmented leather products. Leather Magic’s rich, creamy lotion preserves the feel, luster and scent of fine leather. It’s the professional’s choice!




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