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HOST Odor Exploder

HOST Odor Exploder

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For Use On: carpet, upholstery, walls, metals, wood, hard-surface flooring, garbage cans, disposals, kennels air conditioning systems, hospital rooms, trash compactors and more.

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Host Odor Exploder concentrate, 8oz –

Destroy smoke, cooking and pet odors in residential homes, health care, nursing homes and business with Odor Exploder. Concentrated formula removes bad odors without a perfume-like scent. Safe for use around people and pets. Host Odor Exploder concentrate, 8oz is effective at eliminating bad odors leaving a fresh clean smell in its place.

Directions For Use:
For Large Areas: Mix 8oz to 1 gallon water.
For Smaller Areas: Mix 10 capfuls to 1 quart water.
Use diluted Odor Exploder in a spray bottle. Spray directly onto the affected area being sure to cover the source of the odor. No need to over-saturate. Wipe clean hard surfaces. Allow upholstery to air dry. Allow sprayed solution to sit on carpeting for approximately 15 minutes then follow with carpet cleaning.


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