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Lindhaus LW 30 Pro High Tech Floor Scrubber

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The Lindhaus LW30 Pro Scrubber is the ultimate machine in taking care of tile, concrete, marble, and more. The LW30 is extremely user friendly.The LW30 has a 11” cleaning path that makes it easy to maneuver in even the most congested of areas. It lays the solution out, scrubs it and vacuums up the dirty water in one pass. The floor is left dry because of the tremendous vacuum. Excellent for small to medium jobs, the LW30 eliminates the need for bigger, clumsier machines. Its unique twin tank integrated design, is easily filled and emptied. The low profile—5.5” allows access under furniture you would normally not be able to get under with bigger machines. This machine is easily transported. Excellent for restaurants, hotels, convenient stores, warehouses, homes and more.



Lindhaus LW 30 Pro High Tech Floor Scrubber – 

Lindhaus has many years of experience in the manufacturing of professional carpet cleaners, and that has lead to the creation of this revolutionary high tech floor scrubber. Lindhaus manufactured the LW 30 pro machine with all the qualities and performance of large industrial scrubbers eliminating the bulky design, heavy weight and difficult maneuverability.This unique machine combines lightweight, agility, and practicality by utilizing simple water loading and unloading operations with the amazing power to remove the most stubborn dirt and grime. The custom designed motors are created exclusively for this machine by sister company Rotafil, a company world renowned for producing the highest quality motors.

The LW30 professional scrubbing brush is designed to clean and protect most hard surfaces, however a gentle brush is available for delicate surfaces and a more aggressive brush is available for heavy duty cleaning requirements. The environmentally friendly Lindhaus cleaning solutions have been specifically created for the LW pro in conjunction with a researcher that is a leader in this field. The LW pro provides effective cleaning when mixed at a ratio of 1%. This reduced cleaning solution usage results in time and cost savings while protecting the environment.


Electronic Controls—All the machines functions are on the handle
Easily Maneuverable –Because of its weight and design the LW30 can be operated by anyone
Cleaning Ability—3400 Sq ft/hr
Tank Size—Clean Water Tank—2.6 Ltr, Recovery Tank –2.6 Ltr
Quick Dry Design—Floors are dry immediately because of the superior suction & squeegee design
Bumper System—walls and furniture are protected because of the soft rubber front bumper and 4 rubber side rolls
Unique Water Dispensing—A pump dispenses the fluid evenly across the brush without wasting solution
Brush—Cylindrical medium stiffness is excellent for tile, concrete, & Stone floors. Optional Soft bristle brush is available for more delicate floors.
Wheels—4 non marking rubber wheels
Brush Pressure—Adjustable allows you to use the machine on uneven and polished floors
Easy Brush Roll Replacement—No tools needed, you can take the brush off and on for cleaning or replacing in a few seconds without any tools.
Integrated Tanks—Clean and Dirty water tanks are integrated into one unique container. Tank comes off easily to be filled and emptied.
Easily transportable—Its 4 wheels and ability to tilt the machine makes it easy to roll from one room to another. Its unique lifting handle makes it easy to move from one floor to another or lift it out of vehicles.
Brush Width—10”
Suction Width 11”
Motor—1170 Watts
Vacuum—71” Waterlift
Brush Motor—250 Watts, 2000 RPM
Cord Length—35’
Warranty—1 year parts and labor


Input power (Watt) – 1170
Water Lift (inch/H2O) – 71″
Air Volume (CFM) – 108
Brush motor (Watt) – 250Constant brush roll speed (RPM) – 2000
Electronic Overload Control – Standard
Brush Width (inch) – 10″
Suction Width (inch) – 11″
Working capabilities (sq.ft/h) – 2600
Dosing pump – Standard
Spray/Extraction Kit – Optional
Detergent Container (lt.) – 2.6
Recovering Water Container (lt.) – 2.6
Total Weight Empty w/o cord (lbs) – 22.5
Handle Weight (lbs) – 2.8
Cord Length (feet) – 35


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