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Dirt Devil F1 HEPA Filter 3JC0280000


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Manufacturer Part#: 3JCO280000

Dirt Devil F1 HEPA Filter 

These filters are purchased from Dirt Devil in bulk and without any boxes so we can pass on the savings to you.
Suitable for: Many Dirt Devil & Royal models including: Dirt Devil Bagless Extra Light, Breeze, Featherlite, Jaguar, Platinum Force, Vision & Vision Sensor, Scorpion, Vision Bagless Models,086925(L&Up) 086935(L&Up) 086940, 087500, 087600, 087700, 087800, 087900, 088100, 088105, 088110, 088115, 088150, 088160, 088175, 088500(C-D) 088520(C-D) 088525(C-D) 088300, 088400, 088450, 088700, 088705, 088800, 088805, 088900, 088905, 088990HD, 091600, 091700, 091750, 091800, 091950(A) HDU300, HDU300, M085800, M085805, M085806, M085807HD, M085810, M085830T, M085835, M085840HD, M085845, M086700W, M086940, M087500, M087600B, M087700, M087800, M087900, M088100, M088105, M088110, M088115, M088150,,M088155, M088160, M088161HD, M088162HD, M088175, M088300, M088400, M088450, M088520, M088525B, M088700, M088705, M088800, M088805, M088900, M088905, M088990HD, M091600, M091700, M091750, M091800HD, M091950A, RY6100, UD40130, UD40135, UD40140, UD40235, UD40235HD


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