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What type of filter and bags should I use ?

Almost all vacuums will take a very specific bag and or filter type. (We will use the term bag(s) to talk about both filters and bags). The original equipment provided by the manufacturer (OEM) is almost always the best bag to use. Here’s why:

Non-OEM bags are often less expensive to purchase outright, but there are hidden costs. Unknowingly, you may need to change or clean them far more often. They may break down much faster after washing; they may let dirt pass through them, polluting the air in your home. They will almost always shorten the life of your vacuum because they allow the air that cools the motor and other parts of the vacuum to be polluted with dust and hair. Dyson is a great example. Like most bagless vacuums, they are bypass units, meaning the air passes through the motor to help keep it cool and last longer. Replacing the bag with a non-OEM bag is almost like replacing the oil in your vehicle with more old oil.
ALL of the vacuum manufacturers will terminate your warranty if non-OEM, parts, bags or filters are used. While buying cheap is tempting on the spot, it can end up being more costly and time consuming in the long run.
Recirculating the dust and dirt in your home is not only unhealthy for your machine, it’s unhealthy for you and your family.
Replacement bags and belts should never be reused. Only “washable” filters can be reused after they have been dried.
Please refer to your manual or give us a call if you have any questions.