February 27, 2024

Pre-Built Websites and How to Use Them to Enrich Your Designs

How often have you put out work only to wish you could have gone through at least one more iteration? It happens that you want to make what you now see as needed improvements.

Don’t feel guilty. We’ve all gone through that.

You know you’re capable of doing better and you always strive to do so, a factor which is definitely in your favor. To help speed up your goal of continual improvement we’ve put together a checklist for you.

It describes 5 ways to improve your designs using pre-built websites. It is complete with examples.

Be Theme and Its Exceptional Library of Pre-built Websites

Sure, you take pride in doing your own designs. But by ignoring any assistance you’re placing limitations on what you can accomplish. Your ability to improve as much and as quickly as you’d like to is also lowered.

They’re professionally designed and crafted. Yet, pre-built websites are not a “lazy man’s approach to web design”. What they provide are structure and inspiration. At the same time, they are leaving plenty of room for you to apply your creative skills.

Be Theme has a library of 390+ of them at a one-time cost to you of only $59. And, more pre-built websites are constantly being added at no additional cost.

They are organized by industry and website type, so it’s easy to find what you need.

These pre-built websites reflect the latest design trends. Each is tailored to their chosen industry or niche.


Our Checklist of 5 Ways Pre-Built websites can Improve Your Design Efforts

  1. Am I aligned with the trends in this specific industry?

Take the fashion industry for example. Your work features a luxurious design, rich textures and colors, and plenty of bold images. Then, it’s in line with user expectations – right? Actually, your design will be out of sync with changing times and trends.

This year, fashion sites are taking on a minimalist approach. Simple black and white sketches and an abundance of white space are currently in vogue. So are minimalistic menus.

Be Theme has taken this new trend into account by launching a new series of fashion templates.

See for yourself.




Do 2. I know for sure what NEEDS to be on the Homepage?

There are a lot of the difficulties associated with a homepage design. One of them is that what is WANTED all too often gets in the way of what is NEEDED.

Another problem is that a typical homepage design should have the right mix of art and science. Your typical web designer tends to struggle to find the right mix. Some aren’t aware of it at all (WANTS supersedes NEEDS).

A good solution is to use a pre-built website as the basis for your home page. It will have been designed by professionals and have a tried and tested user journey.

Which, as these examples illustrate, is what you need – and “want”.





  1. Should I Follow or Disrupt?

You could place web designers (and much of the rest of the population) in two general categories. The followers who like to play it safe, and those who delight in taking one leap of creative faith after another.

We constantly hear whispers in our ear that tell us to “go for it.” This is not particularly good advice when you’re dealing with “stiff” clients. These are professionals who would rather not be taken down unfamiliar paths.

Pre-built websites give you the solidly-structured templates you need. You can still customize them with a creative touch your client would appreciate.






  1. Which of these 5 great ideas I have will go best with this project?

When you’re involved with design, too many ideas, even great ones, tend to run into one another. The too many idea (TMI) syndrome is not at all uncommon and it’s not a nice problem to have. None of us like to discard what we believe to be a great idea. If you have 5 of them, you might be tempted to incorporate all of them into your idea.

The odds of all 5 meshing nicely together is about the same as the odds of winning the lottery.

A far better approach is to –

  • Browse Be Theme’s large collection of pre-built websites.
  • Search through them by type of content, industry, or niche.
  • Pick one that closely matches your design ideas or needs.
  • Customize it.

The result? You’ll be able to implement your creative vision on a tried and tested structure and platform.





  1. Is the client right or should I stick to my ideas?

Taking the approach that the client is always right is usually the best way to go. But there will be times (many of them perhaps) when you’ll really want to change a client’s thinking. It might be simply not the way to go to establish a solid online presence.

You’ll help your client (and yourself) by using a pre-built website. It’s simply a matter of convincing the client that a website structured to his or her industry is the best way to go. Pre-built websites allow you to deliver high-quality work. They will conform to industry standards and feature good structure and content focus. And that’s usually enough to seal the deal.







Pre-built websites have many things going for them. Two of them are that they are a proven way to improve your designs, and they are fast and easy to work with.

They also allow you to produce designs that are in tune with the latest trends. At the same time, they ensure one of the characteristics of the products you deliver will be a tried and tested UX.

Pre-built websites will help you zero in on the best idea for a new design. They will also give you plenty of room to exercise your creative talents.

Turning out one example of high-quality work after another is appealing. Check out Be Theme’s library of 390+ pre-built websites for only $59.

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